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My Girls, 2009, began as a ‘home project’, something to work on outside my studio during long winter evenings that would combine drawing and the female figure. I decided to use what was at hand to begin the drawings of the girls, mostly non-precious materials — old boxes, pages from old wallpaper books, old scrapes of spray-painted paper, outdated calendars, etc. The plan was to draw the figures on the backs of the scraps without planning what the front would look like after cutting the figures out and reversing sides — a type of dada exercise, and always a fun enterprise. After cutting the figures out, I taped and dangled each figure on and from every spare surface of my kitchen and living room. I was particularly interested in the shadows they cast and the interaction they had one to another. At the end of the winter, I took all the girls — I had perhaps 100 of them — into my studio, and began to arrange them on the top of an old wall grid I had used in one or two other installations. The ‘girls’ immediately took on a life of their own.

My Girls
graphite wallgrid, cutout figures from wallpaper samples, discarded boxes, scrapes of painted paper, dressed in doll clothes with added doll furniture, hung from wooden pegs